If you have more questions, please email us at Info@GrandviewStablesNH.com

What is the deworming schedule?
According to new veterinary studies, it has been found that there is too much parasite resistance to the current deworming drug classes. Therefore, we do parasite fecal egg counts 3-4 times per year, so we can avoid causing more parasite resistance. This way we know what parasites our horses have acquired, so we can make sure we use the correct deworming drug class to kill those specific parasites in the horses that came up positive.

What type of feed to we use?
We take great pride in providing great nutrition for our horses, therefore we make sure we provide the best quality mixed grass hay. We carry Purina grains, and for an additional $50 per month we offer Genesis Organic Feeds, that offers complete nutrition in a pesticide, corn and GMO free feed. Supplements can be added to your horse’s grain if you provide it.

Am I able to use my own vet and farrier?
Yes, you are able to use whoever you want for veterinary & farrier service.

If I don’t currently have a vet or farrier of my own, do you have a barn farrier and vet?
Yes, we do have a barn vet and farrier.

For farrier service we use:
Veinot Horse Shoeing, Terry Veinot, 603-432-8395

For veterinary service we use:
Amesbury Animal Hospital, 978-388-3636