About Sue

Sue has almost 30 years experience with riding/training/showing. She has ridden or trained with some of the top names in the country, such as Cindi Rose Wylie, Jayne Ayers, Dottie Morkis, Michael Klimke, Luis Reteguiz-Denizard, Heidi Erickson, Maureen Remillard, and Pam Goodrich, to name just a few.

Sue specializes in dressage and young horses. She believes that no matter what discipline you ride, your horse should know how to jump and trail ride. She doesn’t believe in keeping horses in a “bubble”.

She is always trying to better herself with lessons and clinics. She loves to take home new things to try on her horses and her students and clients. Sue tries to get involved with educating the up and coming young riders, they are the future!

She also has two wonderful children and a loving husband that supports me and my passion completely. SHE LOVES HER JOB!

Some Accomplishments:

  • Holds a national instructors license with ARIA Level II Dressage and Level II Stable Management
  • 2009 – Was 5th in the country at 1st Level through the Westfalen Association
  • 2010 – Was 3rd in the country at training level through the Conamara Association
  • 2011 – Took two horses to Regionals and did very well
  • 2011 – Took a 4 year old Dutch mare to Devon where she won her mare’s class
  • 2012 – Became a board member of NHDEA