About Carrie

Carrie Ruddy has worked extensively with Vitor Silva and his stallions at Sons of the Wind, doing classical dressage, and has trained with Karen Marcotte. Carrie started riding shortly after learning to walk, and was a very active member of the Pentucket Pony Club in her youth. She will be working as a Pony Club examiner in the 2011 season for Rockingham Pony Club.

Carrie’s current horse, Ella, was very green when she arrived at Grandview Stables in December of 2009. Carrie has enjoyed the challenge of training her to jump, do graceful flying lead changes and is aspiring to have her trained and ready for 1st level dressage competition for the 2011 show season.

She enjoys providing lessons for riders of all ages and abilities. Carrie is currently completing her Bachelor of Equine Science degree at Breyer State University.

Contact Carrie
Phone: Phone: (603) 365-8199
Email: Carrie@GrandviewStablesNH.com